Review: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

What Alice Forgot by Laine Moriarty Amy Einhorn Books, G.P. Putnam’s Sons a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., New York, 2009

Description (from the author’s website):

What Liane says

I had always wanted to write a story about time travel but I found the logistics made my head explode. Then I read a story about a woman in the UK who lost her memory and behaved like a teenager – she didn’t recognise her husband or children. I realized that memory loss is a form of time travel. So I came up with the idea of a woman, Alice, who loses 10 years of her memory. She thinks she is 29, pregnant with her first child and blissfully in love with her husband. She is horrified to discover she is 39, with 3 children and in the middle of a terrible divorce. It’s like the younger Alice has travelled forward in time. Readers tell me that what they liked best about this novel was how it made them think about the choices they’d made and wonder how their younger selves would feel about the lives they are leading now.

My Review (5 Stars: Loved It!)

Alice Love loses her memory.  She falls in the gym, is knocked-out and comes to, thinking it is ten years earlier.  Alice is shocked to find her relationship with her husband has drastically changed and they are going through a divorce.  We spend a week with Alice as she learns about how her life is so different from what she thought it would be.  This story is also about her sister Elisabeth and to a lessor extent her mother and grandmother.  Their lives are so different from what anyone expected as well.

Alice becomes reacquainted with her three rambunctious children, while her sister Elizabeth, is recovering from a mental breakdown because she has tried to have children and had many miscarriages.  Alice’s mother is happily married to her second husband.  Alice’s grandmother is embarking on a romantic relationship.

In What Alice Forgot , author Laine Moriarty  has an entertaining style of writing.  The novel has an easy-going manner to it.  Yet it covers serious topics.  After reading this novel, it is a good time to reflect on what a difference ten years makes and how to make the most of life by recognizing what is really important and what really makes us happy.


There are book club discussion questions on the author’s website.

About the Author (from the author’s website):

LianeLiane Moriarty is the Australian author of five internationally best-selling novels, Three Wishes,The Last AnniversaryWhat Alice Forgot,  The Hypnotist’s Love Story and most recently the global bestseller, The Husband’s Secret which to date has sold over 1 million copies in the US alone and is set to be translated into over 35 languages. CBS Films has acquired the film rights. Liane’s much anticipated new novel BIG LITTLE LIES will be released in 2014. Writing as L.M.Moriarty, she is also the author of the Space Brigade books for children, (published in the US as the Nicola Berry, Earthling Ambassador series.)


  1. This was one of my favorite books of last year, when I read it. Her humor just hit the spot for me somehow, though I’m not known for enjoying humorous tales (didn’t enjoy Where’d You Go, Bernadette nearly as much as others I spoke to). Glad you enjoyed it!


  2. I was in the minority no this one…I liked the premise of the story and it definitely made me think. But, I didn’t like the characters…who struck me as very similar to Cecilia in The Husband’s Secret (who I also didn’t like)…which sort of overshadowed the good story for me.


  3. Pat, this book sounds terrific! Your review makes me want to read this, soon.

    My blogroll hasn’t been showing your updates at all. I am going to try to fix it, if possible. (I thought you were just taking a break.)


  4. This sounds amazing! So much can happen in a decade. I’ve never thought about memory loss as a kind of time travel, but it absolutely is. Thanks for the great review!


  5. I love this author! The Husband’s Secret was her first one I read…but then I followed up with What Alice Forgot. Big Little Lies was my all-time favorite. Thanks for sharing.


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