Review: The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

HarperCollinsPublishers, 2012

My Review (5 Stars: Loved it!)

This is the love story of two Italian immigrants.  I loved the inside look into their lives.  My grandparents came through Ellis Island to America from Ireland,  so I had a special interest in what it was like in New York during the early 1900’s.

Ciro Lazzari and  Enza Ravanelli had a significant fateful meeting in the Italian Alps in their early teens.  However, Ciro, an orphan, suddenly found himself being shipped off to America.  For a long time Enza would not know what happened to him.

Years later Ciro and Enza have additional fateful encounters in America.   I was rooting for Ciro and Enza to succeed in America and recognize that they were meant for each other.

Author Adriana Trigiani does an excellent job in laying out these characters lives.  Her writing style is eloquent.  This is the novel she “was born to write” as it is based on the true story of her grandparents.    I was amazed at her skill in recounting this beautiful love story.

First Paragraph


the italian alps



Un Anello d’oro

“The scalloped hem of Caterina Lazzari’s blue velvet coat grazed the fresh-fallen snow, leaving a pale pink path on the bricks as she walked across the empty piazza.  The only sound was the soft, rhythmic sweep of her footsteps, like hands dusting flour across an old wooding cutting board.”

Book Trailer

What Others Are Saying (from the author’s website)

“A real-life, beautiful love story about passion and perseverance….A must-read.” –The Today Show

“This expansive epic, which seems tailor-made for a miniseries, manages to feel both old fashioned and thoroughly contemporary….[An] irresistible love story.” –Booklist

“Trigiani’s very best… Exquisite writing and a story enriched by the power of abiding love.” –USA Today

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  1. I haven’t read anything by Adriana Trigiani yet, but I have a couple of her books in my TBR collection to read. I think I may have this one, in fact. I am glad you enjoyed it. I really like historical fiction.


  2. Whenever I see this book, I think I’ve read it already…but as I read your review, I realized that I have just read about some of the characters in The Supreme Macaroni Company.

    I love this cover and your review. Thanks!


  3. I’m glad you loved this book, Pat! I’ve only read one book by this prolific and talented author, The Supreme Macaroni Company, which I enjoyed a lot.


  4. This sounds like I gotta read it! Loved watching the trailer and liked how it is based on her grandparents. I can see how you would identify if your grandparents too came to America.


  5. I am a HUGE Adrianna Trigianni fan and have read all of her books! I have anxiously waited foe all of her relkease since I first started reading her ( Big Stone Gap). I am glad that you loved this book as much as I did:)


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