Good Things In May #GoodThings

May Flowers Mother's Day Birthdays Bicycles College Graduations Memorial Day Parades Green Grass The Kentucky Derby (Always Dreaming #5) Cinco de Mayo Cook-outs Mani-Pedis The Preakness (Cloud Computing) Celebrations Home repairs Ice cream Longer days Strawberries Photography May showers May flowers Fiestas Outdoor reading and dining Please visit my blog, Posting For Now, and add good… Continue reading Good Things In May #GoodThings

Good Things In April #GoodThings

April Showers (bring May flowers!) Birthdays! Easter Passover Sunny Days Warm Breezes Brunches Bunnies Gardening Full Moon In April (PinkMoon) "April’s Full Moon, the Full Pink Moon, heralds the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers. It is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon,… Continue reading Good Things In April #GoodThings

Good Things In March #goodthings

St. Patrick's Day Birthdays! Spring Time Day Light Savings Time March Madness (College Basketball Tournaments) Flowers Birds The scent of orange blossoms Navel oranges Spring break Being outdoors The scent of lemon and lavender Dr. Seuss' Birthday Early blooms March Madness  Sales St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Thoughts of Spring   Please visit my blog, Posting… Continue reading Good Things In March #goodthings

Good Things In February #goodthings

Candles Blankets Fireplaces Red Roses Valentines Chocolate Candy in Heart Shaped Boxes Birthdays! Leap year day (Feb. 29th)! The Super Bowl Daffodils Super bowl parties Romantic celebrations Movies Snowscapes & snow flurries Hot soup on cold nights Reading in bed Indoor Heating sun rain Time to read time to visit with sisters dogs in sweaters… Continue reading Good Things In February #goodthings

Good Things In January #GoodThings

Hope Fresh Starts Fresh Air After A Rain Quiet Times Crunching Snow Boots! Books! Sunrises Snow scenes January Thaw Hot food Fresh salads More time with books Renewal! a positive attitude the thought of crunching snow underfoot anticipation joy newness cold days, warm dinners snowflakes moonlit snow more time to read scented candles snuggling with… Continue reading Good Things In January #GoodThings